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20121108-ainsley-earhardt-pHi Doctor,

Do you know what the one secret is to keeping your reception area filled with more new patients (all attracted from the referrals, the internet & google) than you can handle?

The secret is having the RIGHT knowledge and going directly AGAINST “conventional wisdom”…“Conventional Wisdom” is just a fancy way of saying “what everyone else is doing”… and if you’ll take note… most everyone else is SHORT ON NEW PATIENTS!

There’s A Trick To It… But The Recent Economy Of The Last Few Years Has CHANGED THE RULES!

The trick is knowing WHAT ONE THING will bring you the BIGGEST RESULTS the FASTEST at the LEAST cost and possibly most importantly… with the LEAST amount of EFFORT! That’s what you’ll discover when you watch this exclusive FREE video.

You’ll Learn:

  • The One Thing Almost Every Dentist Does To Run Off DOZENS Of New Patients & Referrals Every Single Month… If You EVER Plan To Grow Beyond Your Current Level You MUST STOP DOING This ONE THING!
  • Hypey, Pushy, Salesy New Patient Attraction that worked in 1993 DOESN’T work NOW… THIS video will show you the SINGULAR MOST important thing that impacts EVERY new patient and referral.
  • The secret to attracting new patients in the NEW ERA of the internet… If your primary web presence is your website you’re about to get TRAMPLED no matter where your site ranks on Google
  • How “Media Companies” Are Bankrupting Practice Marketing Budgets & Crippling Cash Flow Of Practices Everywhere!
  • New Patient Attraction that makes life easier and LESS stressful for EVERYONE… less stress on you, less stress on your patients, less stress on your staff… less stress  = MORE profit & MORE FUN!

It’s simple actually, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and right
now whether you know it or not your marketing is severely flawed.

Seriously you’ll love this and I’m happy to help,



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